As a leader in the comparator drug industry, Myonex understands the importance of having a coordinated approach with the ancillary supply process and drug sourcing for clinical trials. This is why we have introduced dedicated Ancillary Supply Management services to complement our other offerings.

When it comes to the sourcing and distribution of ancillary supplies, having a carefully coordinated plan and tracking system in place is essential. In the world of clinical trial supply, the quantity needed of ancillary supplies and devices can change in an instant. Myonex’s project management process includes centralized sourcing and distribution with timely kitting capabilities. We also offer strategy development of a cost-benefit analysis for equipment leasing vs. purchasing options. Having a proven process in place ensures that the needed ancillary supplies and devices are available when and where they are needed in the most cost effective way possible.

Interested in Learning More About Myonex’s Ancillary Clinical Trial Supply Solutions?

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