Moticon Sensor Insoles


Sizes: US 1/2 – US 12½/13½ (men)

Data Storage: Mode 1: on-board memory 16MB

Mode 2: live data transmission to mobile phone

Recording Time: Up to 7 days non-stop for monitoring applications (25Hz, Smart Recording)

Capacitive Pressure Sensors: 16 sensors per side (left, right), ~65% coverage, in-factory lifetime calibration

MEMS acceleration sensor: LSM6DSL, 3-axis X/Y/Z, +/-16g, 16bit resolution

MEMS angular rate sensor: LSM6DSL, ΩX/ΩY/ΩZ, +/-2000dps, 16bit resolution



Please see the Product Specifications above.

The Product Specifications may change at any time without notice in accordance with Manufacturer changes.
It is the customer’s responsibility to verify that the product is suitable for the customer’s intended application.

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